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3 Steps to Success: Live- Stop - Keep

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Here are 3 ways to have a great week . . .

It is Monday and we always believe something wonderful will happen so here are three ways to have a great week from The Whine Bar by Ally Brown CPC

Set yourself up to achieve what you want to …

- Lift yourself up with positive self-talk. Ask yourself, would I talk to a good friend in the way that I talk to myself? If the answer is no, stop bullying yourself and replace the negative comments with positive ones. The way that you talk to yourself is the foundation of your confidence and self-esteem. Start by believing you are worthy of at least the same respect you would give to another, and you will be on the path to success.

- Stop comparing yourself to others. It's easy to get down on ourselves when we see what others are doing, especially if things aren't going exactly as we thought they would. Constantly trying to live someone else's life is depressing and exhausting, yet we still do it. We race around to try to keep up with the Joneses, or to live the life of the latest greatest influencer; while we let time tick our lives away. Instead, take back the time, and live in the moment being the wonderful best you that you can be. You will be amazed at what amazing things unfold, and how happy you will feel living your less stressful life.

- Keep an eye on the big picture. We have all heard the phrase, the devil is in the details. This is true when it comes to many things, but not so much when you are trying to reach a long-term goal and the details are driving you insane. For example, say you need to lose 10 lbs. You ate as you were supposed to and exercised perfectly, and the next morning the scale shows you went up half a pound. Now, instead of staying on course and doing what needs to be done, your day is ruined and taken up with negative self-talk and trying to re-work your plan. However, science tells us that there are normal fluctuations in our body weight based on probably a hundred different factors that are out of our control. If, instead, you focused on the big picture of losing 10 lbs and decided only to weigh yourself once a week, your inner devil would not be on your shoulder, tormenting you day in and day out. You would feel proud of the work you were putting in, about treating your body well, and about taking steps towards your goal.



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