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Relax, grab a drink, and enjoy insights and feedback  - honest and uncut.

Trying to decide whether to read a book or not? I'm here to help.  Here, you will find my evaluations of books that I have read based on how well it has been written and/or how well the author has handled the subject matter and if I enjoyed reading them. I explore both the positive and negative elements of a book. My reviews are honest and unfiltered, and I have often posted them not just here but on various platforms.

My STAR rating Guide:

1 star: Reviewer does not recommend this book at all.

2 stars: Reviewer would not reread it. Needs work or did not like though others may.

3 stars: Reviewer enjoyed the book.

4 stars: Reviewer liked or liked it for its genre and would recommend the book to friends/family.

5 stars: Reviewer considers the book to be a must-read. You would definitely reread it.

Please let me know in the comments if you decide to read the book or if you have read it.

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