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How many of us have dragged ourselves begrudgingly out of bed in the morning just because it's Monday? How many of us greet Mondays with dread? How many memes and songs have been created over this start to the work and the school week?

#TeamMonday in white on black with marbled background Ally Brown CPC - The Whine Bar - Top Shelf Pours - Monday - Image by Annie Spratt

We tend to view Monday as the kick-off to a harried schedule of commitments, obligations, commutes, and deadlines until we can get to the weekend where we try to pack in as much fun and downtime until we get to Monday... again.

We waste our life trying to get away from Mondays.

For example, how many of our Sundays have been taken up preparing for or stressing about Mondays?

How much sleep have we lost just thinking about the upcoming week?


According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, a third of Americans have the hardest time falling asleep on Sunday nights. Regardless of age, gender, or socioeconomic status it was found that Sunday was the unhappiest day of the week as people have anxiety over the upcoming week. (American Academy of Sleep Medicine Sleep Prioritization Survey 2022: Sunday Scaries. Feb. 17-24, 2022. .

Do we really want to surrender our lives, our energy, and our health to a day of the week?

What if instead, we viewed Mondays as a new beginning?

Or an opportunity to learn something new?

Or a chance to make a new friend?

Or the start of a new adventure?

What if we enjoyed waking up to get our day started because we get to visit our favorite coffee shop before work?

Or that we get to hang with our friends at lunch?

Or that we get to wander our favorite store without our kids (or spouse) in tow?

Or that we can watch the big game at a favorite hangout?

Start taking back your control from your Monday. Instead of focusing on all its negativity, focus on all its possibilities.

Don't think so? Sleep on it. You just may be amazed at what happens. Oh the places you may go!

Thanks for visiting!

Until next time…..

Enjoy everything that is possible!


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