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Review: Delusional in Darkness

Updated: 5 days ago

by Bella Nox

Ally Brown's Book Review for Delusional in Darkness by Bella Nox

The writer immediately grabs your attention as she opens the story with a glimpse into a tormented soul with a passage reminiscent of an “it could really happen to you” psychological thriller .

From there, you embark on parallel adventures. On one side you have police officer Kyle Campbell, his partner Ray, their families, co-workers and the other characters going through their daily lives in a close knit small town that usually has very little police action. There are friends, weekly gatherings, and the introduction of a love interest.

On the other, a walk on the periphery of the mind of a killer. One who evoked in me . . . in a good way . . . the duality of sadness and disgust.

The parallel adventures begin to entangle when a young woman's body is found in a lake and Kyle, Ray and their colleagues struggle to find out anything that may lead them to whodunnit. It’s not until a new victim is discovered that motivation is kicked into high gear and the pieces start falling into place.

Although the story was predictable at times, it was no more so than the TV dramas I referred to earlier. The personalities of the characters made me yearn to know more about each one - particularly Kyle and his decision-making process - as well as, a deeper dive into the mind of the killer. I would be remiss in not applauding the author for creating such a diverse group of relatable characters and explaining in her own way, not to judge a book by its cover.

Overall, it was a good introduction to a detective series that will have readers of this style and genre coming back for more.

Delusion in Darkness Review:

4 STAR book review by Ally Brown


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