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Make Happy Last Longer than an Hour: Advice from A Party Animal 🐾

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Advice from A Party Animal  from The Whine Bar by Ally Brown

Today is the start of what is considered the unofficial end to the summer. That's a sad thought, to me anyway. But what isn't a sad thought is that it can actually be the start of something wonderful.

We all know those whom we refer to as Party Animals. You know, the one you want to invite everywhere you go because things will be way more fun if they are there. OK, so maybe they can be embarrassing at times, but, secretly, we all wish we had a small streak of their ability to be so carefree. We wish we could be that happy.

I've got news for you - you can be. And it's all in your control.

All you have to do is change your perspective. Look at things differently. Think slightly outside of your comfort zone. Do something for you, something that fills your cup with joy.

It has been proven that being happy . . .

  • Improves a person's overall health. Happiness lowers your blood pressure, decreases your risk for cardiovascular disease, improves your sleep patterns, sleep, and reduces stress.

  • Makes us more generous.

  • Improves our ability to problem solve, and increases creativity and productivity.

  • Makes us more optimistic. Happy people are more likely to have a positive perspective on things and are less likely to get involved in minor disagreements.

  • Allows people to learn more easily. Happy people seek other positive-minded people as well as physical, intellectual, and social resources.

So if being happy improves our relationships and extends our lives, don't you think it is worth putting in a bit of effort to change our perspective for the better?

I am not suggesting anything crazy or to be unsafe, but rather to just enjoy this first weekend of September! Take the advice of A Party Animal and start to take some time for yourself to do what makes you happy. Maybe go for a walk or a bike ride. Maybe sit by a lake, or go on a hike with a friend. Maybe try a new restaurant or go to the movie theater for the first time since COVID-19 came to be. Or maybe even kick back with a good book, like Blast Radius for example. (OK, shameless plug 😋 but sharing my story with you makes me happy).

Whatever you decide to do this weekend, just make it the start of a new happier you! You will be happy you did.

Cheers! 🥂

Happy Labor Day from Ally Brown

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