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Pulling a Rabbit Out of a Hat


90-120 minute urgent care to devote our attention to solving what you are dealing with NOW

What are you losing sleep over?

Image by Simran Sood

Feeling lost? Stuck?

Have trouble prioritizing?

Need to improve your outlook?

Need to clear your head?

Need motivation . . . quickly?

Got to make a decision on something . . . fast?

Worried? Concerned? Fretful? Perturbed? Anxious?

I’m here to help you
break through the barriers holding you hostage so
you can do what you need to do

 with more focus and more confidence!

Imagine . . .

Leaving the doubters behind

Moving beyond  fear and judgment

Flying above everyone else

Rising above self-doubt and second-guessing

Feeling inner harmony and self-compassion

Having  clarity, confidence, and courage

. . . what could materialize ! 

A Breakthrough Session is a coaching experience designed to help you achieve significant personal or professional growth. It is not something that should be approached lightly. During this intensive 1:1 session dedicated to a specific area or challenge, I will work closely with you to identify and overcome any barriers holding you back. Together, we will set the stage for a 'breakthrough' moment most meaningful for you. This can profoundly change your life, career, relationships, habits, and goals.

The structure of these sessions can vary as they are tailored to your unique needs. However, they often include:

  • Goal Setting: Identifying clear, actionable goals.

  • Identifying Obstacles: Understanding what’s holding you back.

  • Strategy Development: Creating a plan to overcome these obstacles.

  • Action Planning: Determining the steps needed to achieve your goals.

By the end of the session, you will walk away with a clearly defined action plan that you can follow through on, leading you to the result you have been trying to achieve all along. You will also feel a shift in your thoughts that you may be able to call upon in the future should a similar situation arise.


"Ally is good at listening.  She helped to open my thinking to things I had forgotten I cared about.   She could make sense of my thoughts even when I could not articulate them."


T. B.

Hi I'm Ally. . .

Believe me, I've been there and done that. In fact, I even got the shirt to prove it! The journey was tough, but it opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that come with hard work and dedication.


As a real person with a genuine heart, I know what it takes to help clients succeed. My philosophy is simple yet effective: be honest, be open, and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. We'll have fun, find some magic, build trust, and help you discover a whole new world.


Through my experiences and failures, I've learned three essential things:

  • Insight and accountability are the keys to success.

  • Transformation can be uncomfortable, but it's ultimately worth it.

  • Patience, dedication, and hard work are the foundation of great results.


Rest assured that:

  • I provide a safe and supportive environment while pushing you to be your best.

  • I will listen to, encourage, and challenge you to improve.

  • I will help you overcome any doubts or negative thoughts that may be holding you back.



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