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Greet Everybody with Enthusiasm: Advice from a Dog 🐾

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Advice from a Dog from The Whine Bar by Ally Brown CPC

You walk out your front door, down the driveway to your mailbox, pick up your mail and head back up the driveway towards your house. Through the closed door you hear a repetitive tapping almost as if a small herd is coming at you. You turn the handle and there is a familiar squeal, not a metal one or one of pain. Carefully you crack the door open. You feel a cold wetness on your bare knee, it feels strange but familiar at the same time. You step in carefully, opening the door only enough for you to squeeze through as the tapping grows louder and louder. You hurriedly close the door trying not to drop what’s in your hands onto the floor. In front of you is a dancing ball of fur, eyes wide and bright, tail whipping back and forth. You can feel the adoration bursting out of his joyful wobbling body and enveloping you. You cant help but to smile. You have been gone for just a few moments but you were missed, and he wants you to know just how much. Without a word, you can feel the love and respect one being has for another.

As humans we would not be looked upon favorably if we danced excitedly when we see another human, or place our cold noses upon the knee of a stranger.

We cannot wag our tails, but we can wave our hands.

A greeting - physical or verbal - is one of the basic functions of communication. It triggers positive conversations and helps us to connect to others on a more personal level. An exciting, warm and sincere greeting shows that you care and that you appreciate that the receiver chose to be in that place at that moment. An enthusiastic hello can make friends of strangers, bring a smile to someone who is alone or motivate an employee at the start of the day. It can instantly change how we feel about a person, place and even ourselves.

Don’t believe me? Take a moment to notice how you feel when you say hello to someone and they say hello back, and how you feel if they don’t.

Treat yourself to the advice of our canine friends and greet others enthusiastically. You will help to make the world a better place…. one tail wag at a time!


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