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Nice to Meet You!


Hi I'm Ally....

Certified Professional Coach

Inspirational Speaker

Rock Star Problem Solver

and Award Winning Author of 

Blast Radius words_edited_edited_edited.

I can help you to find your path in life.



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I am an independent, flexible, and positive thinker whose life is all about growth, self-development, and taking action. I love challenges and I have the innate ability to assess a situation, determine what needs to be done and ensure we arrive where we need to be.


I frequently describe my experience by stating that I am a Certified Master Coach with a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks, but officially, I have a BS in Nursing and was a leader and coach in the medical industry for over 25 years. My work has been the subject of conversation in rooms I haven't even stepped in, and has continued to make an impact long after the conversations have come to an end.


However, I looked happy, successful and independent on the outside, but inside I was a people pleasing mess, looking to others to define me, thinking others had something that I was lacking, lost not knowing what was the right path to take, relying on others to set my course. I wandered through life with the pain of wearing a mask and exhaustively trying to prove myself, constantly doing what was expected. And then that path sent me somewhere I never thought I would be, and everything that I thought was, was no more. It was sink of swim. I began an emotional roller coaster journey as I delve into what was the truth, who I was and dug into emotional intelligence, enneagram, the law of attraction, mindfulness, confidence building, and psychological first aid and so much more . . . and I keep on digging deeper and deeper. For years.

All that to say that . . .

  • I wholeheartedly believe in the power of exploring yourself and that of human magic.

  • I wholeheartedly believe in the need to understand not just who you really want to be, but who you need to be.

  • I wholeheartedly believe in the need to discover what your personal vision of success is.

  • I wholeheartedly believe in the need to learn what are your special ingredients that you uniquely need in order to have a fulfilling and meaningful life.

  • I wholeheartedly believe in the freedom that comes with knowing and living your life direction.

I know the power of challenging the confines of what is, of discovering what can be and am passionate about sharing what I learned along the way, and guiding you to do the same, with less bumps, bruises and scars than I have.

If you're ready to learn and understand yourself and your unique needs, to have the vision and courage to discover and plan your direction in life and have the energy, motivation and mental capacity to take on the world and make it yours, then you are in the right place!

Enneagram: 8

Myers- Brigg: ENFP

Passion Profile: Firestarter

DISC: The Inspirational

Astrological sign: Virgo

I began all of this in 2010 with just a feeling and a thought . . . I needed to stop bad things from happening to good people. Today, it is so much more.  


The truth is that just about anyone can find themselves struggling to find their way in life – from people who have always been wandering, to those who have earned millions, gained awards, and have achieved their goals and dreams.


The struggle is real. The feelings are horrible.

Even if your life is outwardly successful. However, you know in your heart that you are going the wrong way in life and that you are not truly happy or fulfilled, and that there is more.

My role? To help you explore you and your unique needs in a guided and supportive way. To help you to claim ownership of your life in a way that feels empowering & concrete. To challenge you to define success on your terms and to teach you to practice self-care by listening, loving & trusting yourself. And always reminding you that you are enough - because You Are! You totally are!

I do all of this by sharing my own stories in real-time. By coaching. By writing. By sharing our stories. By creating a community of women who can enjoy the prime of their life and all of the wonderful years to come.

Ally Brown CPC - Award winning Author, Speaker and Transformation Expert - Create positive change

We Got This!

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I am passionate about creating a positive change.


My education and my experience combined with my extensive knowledge of customer service and leadership will make you feel more seen, heard, understood and encouraged than you ever have.

We will utilize a customized approach to fit your specific needs. I will utilize curiosity and compassion and provide a safe space. 

I'm a real person  with a real heart.  


My philosophy for success is simple . . .

be open, be honest, make you a bit uncomfortable if needed,

but have fun, find some magic, instill trust

and guide you to find your path.


I grew up reading as many books as I could. Writing has always been a passion of mine, however life took me on a different path.  


When life knocked me down, I found the strength to get up; move forward; and discover who I really was. Now after a long journey I'm thrilled to be able to share my stories with the world, and work with others to help them discover that they are enough and realize that they worthy of everything good in life.


My writing is a reflection of the world around me, of experiences I've had and of changes I hope to encourage so that we can all live a passionate and fulfilling life, today, tomorrow and in the generations to come. I'm truly honored to be able to create works that are meaningful, relatable and maybe even thought provoking to my readers.

Image by Laura Chouette


My debut book, Blast Radius: Shrapnel, shards and scars from the lies I lived will change your perspective on trust.  

Just about every day in the news, we hear about someone being financially taken advantage of. What is not talked about, however, is the all-encompassing emotional turmoil that leads to being able to be manipulated, falling for such deception, and what happens after. Blast Radius: Shrapnel, shards and scars from the lies I lived draws you into that world with brutal honesty, passion, quick wit and a sense of humor. It has garnered rave reviews, has been internationally recognized and won awards for its messages of inspiration and personal growth.

I wrote it for the person who doubts every decision they make, for the person who doubts themselves but trusts everyone else, and for the person who strives for perfectionism but never feels good enough. I wrote it to hopefully make a difference in someone else's life, in the hope that no one else ever has to go through what my friends, my family, and I went through.


No matter the setting, whether it be sharing my story, educating, training or inspiring, by being in front of people, I am honored to be given a forum to form connections, learn, influence decisions, and motivate. 

"You speak like a natural", "You can hear your passion in your words", and "I never lost interest" is just some of the feedback I received after my recent event.

Image by Aatik Tasneem

Fun Stuff

I am solar powered and am at my happiest when it is above 90 degrees outside, though I do enjoy cozying up by a fire on a cool night.


I also LOVE  learning something new, rescuing cats (I am infatuated with cats), word searches, baking, going for long walks, writing for any reason, being at the ocean, strong thunderstorms, exploring new places, going super fast, having the guts to jump in with two feet, reading books, geeking out with the NY Times crossword puzzle, planning over the top parties and events, meeting random animals on the street, lots of self-care, unique cheeses, dark bold coffee, full bodied red wine, the darkest chocolate I can find and just being with my husband.

Originally from the Boston area, I now live in North Carolina with my husband and our 7 rescue cats that we affectionately call The Purrrfect Pride.
 Room for more? >^..^<

"The person who follows the crowd will usually go

no further than the crowd. 

The person who walks alone is likely to find himself

in places no one has ever seen before "

Albert Einstein

Review for Ally Brown  - Writer, Author  Changing Perspective - Image by Kristopher Roller


"Ally is extremely professional and I am deeply impressed by her honesty. I admire and am inspired by her courage"  


Sam S. - Human Resources Liasion

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