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Vintage Light Balls

Events & Workshops

Are you looking to create a positive and productive environment for your intimate personal group or large professional setting? If so, I can help. I offer interactive sessions designed to enlighten and educate, and even advocate for change.  I can guide your group through a process leading to outstanding outcomes and meaningful work.

If your group is ready to listen, I am prepared to talk.
It's hard to compare anything to the experience of being in the same room together, with all the excitement, energy, and engagement that comes with it. Traveling around the Carolinas is typically a breeze, but I'm always up for an adventure if travel arrangements are available.


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Don't miss out on this fulfilling & transformative experience!

Take the first step towards realizing your vision and share it with me. Together, we can work towards making it a reality.

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Author Talks


I am always happy to provide a free 30-minute Zoom visit with groups that have read my book. 
Just email me to suggest a date & time!


This is an exceptional chance to meet face-to-face, ask questions, and have your book signed. There's nothing quite like being in the same room together, experiencing the thrill, the liveliness, and the engagement. Although traveling around the Carolinas is typically hassle-free, I am always open to exploring new destinations if appropriate travel arrangements are available.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience!


"You speak like a natural."  

"You can hear your passion in your words"

"You are so authentic."

"I never lost interest."

"We must have you back again."

"I feel so empowered."

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