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the litter


The Whine Bar | Self Care with a Twist | Ally Brown CPC Changing Perspective


Sometimes life gives us lemons and we are supposed to make lemonade. But sometimes we just need to mix that lemonade with some vodka. The Whine Bar is a reflection of the world around us, of experiences I've had and of changes I hope to encourage so that we can all live a passionate and fulfilling life. Join me as I explore new horizons, share stories and find inspiration in the everyday things.


The Litter Box is here to provide a moment of cuteness for when things turn a bit crappy.  It has been proven that patting an animal and the purr of a cat have healing properties, emotionally and physically.  If you can, take time with Fido or Fluffy.  If not, stop in here, for your health.

Check back often as pics will be added frequently.  Want to be notified when?  Join my mailing list.

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